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Thought I might never walk again for a while
But now made it four blocks with out cane :)
So I'm pleased
Something Was Trying To Get In2 by VarthDaider
Something Was Trying To Get In2
Unless pet play itself is a problem, nothing that needs a mature filter here_
The pup to go with the story.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and ideologically sensitive material)
It is October 31st…

Not that that means a hell of a lot to me these days.
Getting in at 1130 at night, well, not many trick or treaters around now.

Just the ones too old to do this really, the kind ya don’t want to cross. Most of the cute kids in pumpkin suits; the Casper’s and the Witchy Pooes are in for the night. I pull into the driveway and _ What was that?

I Thought I saw a shadow there next to a bush, but it is gone as I look back. I open the garage door with the remote and pull up to the spot I always park at , closing the garage door as I stop and kill the motor.

As I am getting home so late and just feel so tired I intend going to bed after a quick shower.
Or so I am thinking.

I live alone / have done for years anyway.
I enter, lay my tablet down and take off my overcoat. But gotta check things.

Alarm panel shows nothing unusual and the app on the phone never indicated anything wrong.
Still, it is a ritual. I go quickly room to room and check for who knows what? A burglar ? A rapist , heh… Anyway, place seems empty so now?

Outside for the perimeter check. Alarms be damed, there is nothing like a good check of the outside of the house to reassure you. Garbage pick up tomorrow so need to put out the container.  I can do that same time; check the gate to the alley, and of course clean up the usual debris kids like to leave as they walk to and from school.

I always checked the back yard first [putting the garbage out this time of course] and often walked along the side of the house with all the shrubs to make sure no one had recently stood there. Had a neighborhood prowler that checked all the windows and sometimes even watched the occupants it seems. It had been in the news.

So I do my check and see nothing unusual. I check that the cable line has not been compromised. I look to see if someone has been standing outside any windows. [the earth there is soft and would leave a footprint- and for good measure_I always tug on a few windows & try the side door]

Everything is locked, but strangely I get the feeling I am being watched. So I check the bushes once again, and …nothing.
“I gotta get a dog someday” I think for the thousand and first time:) Maybe some sort of fairy or spirit is listening.

I make certain of the yard with one last sweep of the flash, and then on to the side gate. All locked it seems.  I let myself back in, double check the garage and then I inspect the power box.

It is still locked. All done, “lets go shower and get to bed” I think.
And so I am headed to the alarm panel when I hear it. A sound like something rubbing against the garage door…

I don’t say I am frightened by this. It could just be something like the wind or the house settling. All houses seem to make the occasional unexplained sound. NO there it is again.

My first thought is that some unimaginable demon of the night is out there. Some  awful dark thing that only arises from some pit on this one night of the year. After all, it is now only minutes from the new day. I could call the police and tell them er…what?

“I was only the wind” I say to myself [aloud] and turn once again.

But there it is. The same sound. Hair on the back of my neck is up. Why that? It is nothing; well maybe it is nothing.

And now a sound as if something is breathing. So what? I’m hearing a noise? So I decide on the insane act approach. I decide to just open the garage for and see what it is. Don’t ask me why.

I brace myself as I stab the button with my finger. OPEN!

The door makes its usual protesting sound and rattles a bit as it slides up and I see it. An outline.

I train my flashlight on it and …
It is a man. A very young man. A naked man at that. Well not quite naked. Almost a boy I think. He’s on all fours!

No, not just on all fours. He is wearing something that forces his legs to be doubled back. His arms as well, he wears a harness of some sort. It forces him to walk on knees and elbows. I can’t see the face as he has some sort of rubber mask or hood on. But I know a young body when I see it. Oh, and he has a tail sticking out of his ass.

I study him and he studies me.
He hesitates and I am thinking “what the H?

He whimpers.
I feel conflicted.
I am not afraid and I am not upset.
I know about such things, I’m a fairly kinky sort self, but haven’t had a stray knock on my door as it were.

It is a very odd situation though.

I rapidly have several thoughts run through my head.
>Is this a halloween costume?
>Is he a victim of some sort or is he playing a game?
>Should I call the police?
>Should I take him inside?

Hell, for that matter

>Is there a reason he is here at MY house?
>Is he even seeking help?

And the big one

>How am I going to explain this to anyone?

I can’t decide which course is best. I have a sudden evil thought_
“What if I just kept hi m like this as MY new guard dog?” After all, only moments before I’d thought of getting a dog …
One thing I know. I am feeling aroused! Somehow I find the idea of bringing him in irresistible.

The moment is over. The man in the dog outfit decides for me. He trots into the room. [well clumsily, but he’s done this for a while I think].

I push the close button and he looks startled as the door descends.
I mean to say, with only the eyes showing through that dog mask, I think that is the way eyes look when someone doesn’t expect something.

He is really in a very vulnerable position. I mean I could do something he really doesn’t want done to him. Or is it that I could do something to him he really does want done to him?

On the other hand, I take a risk here. Sure he seems helpless and needing help, but I mean, what if he is a ploy?
What if I am being set up somehow?
“Come over here” I say in the most commanding voice I can manage.
He cautiously approaches.

“I’m not going to hurt you”, I tell him, “just trying to figure out what you are all about”

I can’t help it, I am attracted to it I can’t really think of him as a person made up like this. He’s got a leash clipped to the collar. It is dragging on the cement. Now I see the mask is really a hood covering the entire head.

I run my hands over it’s body. He doesn’t pull away. The flesh is cool as he’s been exposed like this a while I think. There are some marks on his / it’s ass.

“Has someone beaten you?” I ask.

It nods affirmative.

I check the harness that keeps him on all fours. It is a very expensive rig. There are a number of pad locks and I sure don’t have the key. Closer examination reveals just how mush there is to it.

It is a lot of leather, and it is made to avoid damage to the elbows and the knees. Four large anatomically shaped uh “sleeves” that allow the folded limbs to be snugly held. The  straps from these continue up to the bod. They are padded and wide around the arms and legs. They are connected with shaped leather panels that are part of the torso harness. The main harness encircles the waist, the chest and the upper calves. It is somewhat simple in design, but cleverly made. It has a neck collar and a strap that runs from the nape of it’s neck to the over-flap the “tail” is a part of.

The leather tapers and goes between it’s legs connecting and holding a cock and ball ring in place. The strap widens to continue to the throat and the front of the collar. He has an erection by the way.

As I run my hands over the ass and check the tail, it trembles and rubs against my leg more than before.

“You like being this way don’t you?” I ask it.

The look and posture reveal it is in a bit of confusion / frustration. But it slowly nods as if afraid to admit it.

Checking the hood I see it is well made of leather as well. it is locked at the neck. I see snaps that hold the “snout” in place and that comes off easily. Under is the lower portion of it face of course. In it’s mouth is a ball gag that must be locked or buckled somewhere out of sight.

“OK”, obviously getting nowhere. “I’m gonna take this mask or hood off you.” I tell it.

It sits and make pawing motions in the air.

I am forced to use bolt cutters on three pad locks to remove the hood and the gag.

“May I have some water?” he asks, “sorry but I do not know how to ask but to speak, SIR”

I fetch a bowl and fill it with water.
I place it in the floor and he drinks.
After drinking like forever, he finishes.
It sits and stares at the floor.

I see no reason to pull my punches so I go straight at it.


“I want to know” I demand “are you are in costume just because it is Halloween?”

"No. SIR! "it says flatly.

“OK, I am a bit knowledgeable about a lot of stuff and I am not going to get upset at your answers.” I tell it. “Gay, Straight, BI?”

“I am Gay, SIR!”

“Submissive I suppose?” is my next.
“SIR, I am a slave at heart, SIR! then,
“SIR, I’m a pup, SIR!”

“Now, tell me what this is about?” I demand

I tick on my fingers_ OK, trained? Have an owner? A MASTER? tell me-

"SIR, difficult, and I am ashamed , I don’t know what is to become of me." it slowly replies.

“Tell me everything and tell me what brings you here?” I order.

And this was the story he tells…

I knew I was gay at about age 8 or 9. I was playing at bondage games with others me age of course. And although we didn’t know anything about what we were doing we soon figured it out [a hint of a smile there]. But I needed to go to slavery as a regular way of life. I had some boys my age tell me they were my master or that they owned me when I was in my early teens, but till I was 16, I never did find what it was I really needed.

I am a pup at heart. I played at that for a while and discovered it is what I am. He said. I found an owner last month. Or thought I had.
I answered a man on a site. He said he wanted to meet and maybe train me. So I met and submitted. I made a mistake.
He is a very harsh owner. I have been a total prisoner and slave pup to him for three weeks I guess.

I might have been able to take all the punishments and kicking, the starving and sleeping on a cold floor, but he told me he was tired of me. I heard a phone conversation. He is going to give me to someone else. I think the guy he would transfer me to is a really bad man that likes to hurt a lot. Worse than what I’d already got.

Tonight, he made a mistake and wasn’t paying attention. So I ran away. I am a stray now. [I saw his eyes tearing as he said this.]
I got away from him and it being Halloween, I thought I could make it.

I heard him calling after me. He was out looking for me despite all the people. He was really having a hard time finding me, what with all the costumes and so many people in the streets.

I came down an alley. I hid in bushes, and I waited till the kids were in for the night. I gambled, I…I..
I don’t know what lead me to your house. But I saw the pride sticker on your cars bumper as you pulled in.

I was intending to come into the garage behind you.

I was slow and couldn’t follow fast enough. I watched you as you checked the house. I gambled.

I was making noise to attract your attention.
Now you know.
I beg you, please help me, SIR!
That’s my story he concludes.

I explained that I was thinking it over.

Suddenly I decided.

I shoved the gag back in and he made a strange noise as I pulled the hood back over his head and he struggled a little. I padlocked it all back in place with my own locks.

“Tears now puppy boy?” I asked. “You probably think the worst.”

I begin to stroke his back and speak softly.

“I’ve been thinking of getting a guard dog!” I say.

“I think you’ll do!” I say, “even if you are a stray!”

I pull it to me.

He is making a sound that I think means  something good.

I hope so.

I hug it hard.

“I am going to be a good owner, but you belong to me now” I say…

It makes a low sound like a puppy behind the gag.

And it presents to me…

Biggestchains22011105 by VarthDaider
Funny how things change. I could walk fine that day...
We were walking back from being in town and I saw these- I had just said I would like some really big chain for play room when I saw these.

Not sure where they came from, but probably from a ship, as we still had a dock area.
Anyway, big chain, but not usable for my purposes. The links are almost as thick as my lower leg.
weight who knows what...
Fairly Tall Crane by VarthDaider
Fairly Tall Crane
There goes the neighbor hood_ literally.
It is going. 

Even a small place must grow it seems. Anyway, what do you think this will be?
We'll enhancement taken with my faithfull little casio camera


VarthDaider's Profile Picture
Lived too much when I was young to put it all down here.

If someone is interested I write about it all the time.
A bit dramatic?
Yeah, well- sensation in leg is sort of normal now
Walked around in a store
Make daily stair climbs [go down stair and back up]
Doing my in bed exercises
Sitting at computer [obviously]

So doing better
still taking some meds as the mdhfhfj! pain comes and goes.
Good for bitting through pencils ... or whatever else ya have handy

But, better than before
I'm getting there I Think

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