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1c VISTULA ODER THREE by VarthDaider

So far plan has been carried out by Soviet Forces. The  Initial Preparation (1) Move and The Exploitation Move (arrows marked with 2) have taken their forces about 3/5ths of the way to main objectives.

The Investment of the two cities  (Poznan and Bydgoszoz) can now be accomplished and Second Phase completed ( arrows marked with 3)

9 Vistula Oder Nine by VarthDaider
9 Vistula Oder Nine

Turn 4 of Game

German forces have succeeded in a way, but…..

The German forces must continue their retreat. Lodz is given up but Bydgoszoz is now occupied by Herman Goring Divison with it’s fresh Armor and Jagpanzers IV*s sporting  L70 guns. Dug in in the city, they could do a lot to an attacker. With them is the aforementioned SS Brandeberg Panzer Grenadier Division with their Stg III assault guns and the originally standing Infantry assigned to defend the City.

Correctly assessing that the Soviets MUST have Poznan to be in supply, most remaining assets are set to defend it. 19th Panzer defends the bridge, 25th Panzer with it’s assault guns defends the City from the south west. 20th Panzer Grenadier and a scratch division hold the flank hoping to prevent the Soviets reaching the Oder crossings to the North and West Of them.

These withdrawals allow the Soviet Tanks to roll forward and they reach their 1st Objective and complete phase 1. 

8 Vistula Oder Eight by VarthDaider
8 Vistula Oder Eight

Soviet Forces Isolate and attack Warsaw, but do not overcome the Division there. They do make the City a total ruin though. They move on Isolating the city. Now vital to clear the alternate supply route. Grudgingly Soviet Commander decides to turn one Guards Armored Corps around and send it back to assist.  

Meanwhile the advancing armor knocks down the road blocks, but is slowed in the process. German forces have succeeded in a way, but…..

Merman Dives Into A Norwegian Fjord7 Da by VarthDaider
Merman Dives Into A Norwegian Fjord7 Da
The shape is heading towards the ea.
It has a long way to go as the fjord is long.
Yet it is moving fast.
I pursue.
What the heck do I think I will do if I catch him?


VarthDaider's Profile Picture
Lived too much when I was young to put it all down here.

If someone is interested I write about it all the time.
For those interested...

If you have an interest in a brief overview of this conflict I recommend this book:

Barbarossa: The Russian-German Conflict, 1941-45. I read it long ago, but I can’t imagine a less cluttered book to read. It gives the feel of the period and does really explain fairly well. and gets to the point quickly. Although our present topic IS NOT The Battle of Kursk (German Unternehmen Zitadelle; Russian Operation Polkovodets Rumyantsev and  Operation Kutuzov). I should also mention that this book gives interesting insight into that battle as well as Stalingrad.

For a real feel of what was in the minds of the German Soldiers as they started the attack and up to the point the War Went against them I recommend Hitler Moves East, 1941-1943 [Paul Carell]. It is very detailed, but gives a real feel for it. Combat at the Divisional and Regimental Level as well as eyewitness accounts be those that fought it are the focus.

I do think War Of The Rats by Robbins was good if you have an interest in what the fighting in Stalingrad was really like. Even though it is fictionalized, other sources support the main story line. It does tell how the Russian Snipers worked and is close to the real story [better than what was done to events in that awful Enemy At The Gates version]

Also, about the time frame as the final three scenarios I played, which do deal with of the end of the Third Reich is The Last 100 Days by John Toland. This book is good, but is more about the struggles going on within the German Government as it saw the end approaching and the double dealing going on on among the Allied Powers. Of more interest to purely historical interest in the origins of the Cold War in Europe I think.

The Fall of Berlin 1945 by Antony Beevor gives fairly interesting accounts of the futility of the resistance, as well as the fanaticism of some of the participants. I won’t tell what is revealed about the fighting for the Reichstag but I think if you read the book you will find it interesting. 

I wish I could recommend something representing the Soviet Point of view. I don’t read Russian and there is not a lot translated. At least not that is easy reading. Look up The Great Patriotic War if you can read Russian.

To continue….the game goes on

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