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Beingness by oprust
by oprust

Actually my comments are a struggle as I am never able to think of very many words. So I will say it is not often I write these. What I...

Give in to me .... give up ... shhh boy ... listen by Rokatsu
by Rokatsu

WOW I wish I knew what to say. I see I must run on at the mouth (fingers) in order to get this to you or get posted. 50 words wasn't en...

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No Ose N Bal Et Boots C by VarthDaider
No Ose N Bal Et Boots C
I really think this might turn out after all :)
And I don't do rubber crossdress as a rule, but just though I'd try something different
AND DIFFERENT (for my normal art) it will be ;)
No Ose N Bal Et Boots B by VarthDaider
No Ose N Bal Et Boots B
I didn't have a comment on first one (A) 
It's not a series as such, just a work in progress (read, lazy and a bit unsure how to get to the result I want).
Still, sort of a Salvador Dali. Maybe not....
Chair BoyS THE THREAT Duo ALT DA by VarthDaider

An alternate view of The Threat

The Two In Cell and both victims face a contest.

What do you think?

That isn’t supposed to be a hose, by the way but this is DA After all.

I’ll post the unedited on tumblr soon.

whole series till now plus alternates is here:…

Chair BoyS AND The Other ALT

An alternate view of Chair BoyS in the cell

The Other

Every story evolves and changes as it is written

Here the story line splits; in one version, a second victim is already in the cage.

What do you think?

Maybe next image will decide issue.

2 Zitadelle As Planned by VarthDaider
2 Zitadelle As Planned


The Battle of Kursk was the first time in the Second World War that a German strategic offensive was halted before it could break through enemy defences and penetrate to its strategic depths. The maximum depth of the German advance was 8–12 kilometres (5.0–7.5 mi) in the north and 35 kilometres (22 mi) in the south. Though the Soviet Army had succeeded in winter offensives previously, their counter-offensives following the German attack at Kursk were their first successful strategic summer offensives of the war.

source wikipedia

I think of Zitadelle as the Mid Point Of The War In The East

Before this battle, the Soviets usually had a bad time of things.

After this Battle the Germans usually did 

Here I show final positions of the game, turn 4 German

Oddly, I find this scenario is very easy to win as The German, yet usually not in this dramatic a way. But This is essentially what the attack was intended to accomplish. I must admit my score is low. I haven't manage what the game calls a Brilliant Victory, but compared to what actually happened, I did well :)

In the actual outcome, Soviet Pak Fronts, combined with massive mine fields and lots of tanks, infiltration and consstant counter attacks by Reserves, the German attack was No Blitz. It was more like World War 1 with better tanks and planes thrown in.

The German attack ground to a halt after horrible casualties and with the troops enmeshed in the Soviet Defenses.

As the attack was stalling, the Western Allies Landed In Sicily. The Offensive was called off only days after it began. The Soviets attacked at once. The German Army would never again have the Inititive to launch attacks of their choosing. The war would be essentially defensive after.



VarthDaider's Profile Picture
Lived too much when I was young to put it all down here.

If someone is interested I write about it all the time.

I know this is going to be an indirect form of support. But bear with me. I feel I know the fear of which you speak from my early days. I am gay. Now when I grew up we were told that homosexuality was deviance. More than that it was a mental condition. Many are the stories I can relate of police justifying their failure to investigate a beating, or even the murder of a person due to their 'lifestyle'. All my childhood, I heard of 'those people get in trouble because of making bad choices'.

Then one day, I realized I was just gay. I didn't choose something. No one said hey, let me talk you into this.

I don't really understand the trans gender mind as such. BUT, I feel that NO ONES sexual behavior should lead to their death, dismemberment, torture or serious injury.

I have my own life to live and although I have done edgy things, the things I have done ...well I KNEW THE  OTHER GUY wanted it [and so did I for that matter],

I never forced anyone to do anything really, and they had usually begged for it.


Well, I don't see how two (I never have known) people's activities in the bedroom [or where ever]  affects me, It isn't really any of my business either.

 IF both are consenting to it, and want to do it, short of one physically harming the other or the a case of an of age person preying on another not of age .

And no one is advocating doing some overt sexual act in a public place here-

Likewise, I may not want to dress as someone else does, but I have no business hurting him [her].

The concept of democracy seems to still elude people raised in countries like the USA, CANADA, BRITAIN....the right to choose is fundamental

That does NOT MEAN the right for some to dictate to others.

I doubt seriously that Thomas Paine would have understood what I am doing in the bedroom (playroom), but he would have understood my reasoning I think.

What I really am getting to is that we once heard about a lot of things being immoral or against nature.

That is just so much propaganda.

Most people are afraid of change. But some are afraid of others that are happier than they are I think.

For those that point to their book (bible or whatever they call the human written record they say was given by God):

I was raised a Baptist and Converted to another faith, but, know most use Jesus to justify things.

Well he hung out with prostitutes, tax collectors, revolutionaries, an educator or two, and a criminal.

Society judged him for this. He said they needed him the most.

There is a message there. Still, many would probably have Christ arrested due to his dress and looks.

He would certainly not be allowed to enter the USA.

What is wrong with those that want to hurt and discriminate? Well, it isn't so hard to figure it out.

They can't stand the idea that they may not have it all right, or that there might be a happiness they are missing.

In my case, I found later in life that many embraced me and were far friendlier AFTER they no longer felt they would be standing alone by accepting my sexual norm.


Likewise, if I wore leather a lot, that would be MY dress norm.


I accept that for others; they have a different Norm.

All may well come to accept the concept that there are different 'norms'.

It will take time, but remember

In the early to late 1800's Americans feared the Indians (American ones I mean)

In the late 1800's Americans feared the Chinese because they would take all the work and  would take over the country.

They persecuted and mistreated these people.

After slavery ended , Afro peoples in America and the Latinos living in the USA (citizens I mean) were discriminated against, persecuted and YES murdered.

States denied them work, education, voting rights, and in some cases. prohibited marriage on racial lines.

Up until the late 20th Century, they murdered with impunity, imprisoned, medically altered, committed to asylums and in general; hurt all who loved others of the same gender.

The struggle for total equality is not won.

True democracy has never yet come to pass.

But, the ideal would be to have it come to pass thus:: that none be treated differently nor have less opportunity for all that society offers  on the basis of anything but ability and performance-

That would NOT mean we have the right to force it upon others as they have the same rights.

It does mean ALL ARE FREE to associate , befriend or walk away. Never free to publicly humiliate, discriminate, attack, injure, main or kill for ANY REASON.

That is MY standard.

It should be the standard of all.

To those that hate and mistreat are small inside.

They need education, and they need to grow inside.

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