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You Know What To Do by VarthDaider
You Know What To Do
Got the idea from a Batman Cover a Long Time back
This has been sitting unfinished a log time as well
I thought along idea of a evil villan that captures the Bat and imprisons him
Then replaces him of course
Taifun Offensive Sequence Phase 3 by VarthDaider
Taifun Offensive Sequence Phase 3

The Axis forces are depleted, have failed to really make a dent in the Third Defense Line. A few local attacks  across the breadth of AGC [Army Group Center] make dents, but sputter out.

The first snow falls.

The effort of extending the line east pays off and provides the staging area to attack past Soviet Forces in The Third Defense Line. It taxes the reserves to the max. 

A twin trust on either side of the Moscow River succeeds in plowing through the Soviet Line, but fails to get into the city.

The bulk of their mobile forces are out of supply and over extended. A desperate renewal of the  assault on Kalinin makes good progress eastward [at least at first]. 

Maybe it will meet the spearheads  moving north [behind Moscow] ?

No they will not make it.

Although slowing this last offensive presses on, but reserves are insufficient and although the armor reaches the main rail line and takes Kalinin; the Soviet Counter Attack stops them Short of the Main Goal.

They just breach a portion of the Moscow Defensive Line in north when the time runs out. A comparison of start and ending lines for Axis Forces is overlaid. Units are in the final positions.


I did stupid things, I was reckless. Truth be told, in the real war, there were any number of Generals on the German side recommending that winter quarters and defensive works  be established in October. Von Rundsted even recommended withdrawals in the south and was fired for it.

Anyway, my end positions were bad and good.

Siberian Reinforcements would have had to detrain further East as I had cut the rails to Far-East Russia, but also, Axis Armor was going to be sitting there as easy targets when those did arrive,

Withdrawal was the only sane thing to consider.

1 You Are An Animal by VarthDaider
1 You Are An Animal
Not going to be very popular with this statement

To some the truth hurts



to those I want to meet and play with, it will seem only the truth.



VarthDaider's Profile Picture
Lived too much when I was young to put it all down here.

If someone is interested I write about it all the time.
What Is Real And What Is Just Fiction?
I was asked this simultaneously by two people.
They both saw what I post here and wanted to know.
Well, shucks.
It has been a long time since I posted many of these [over four years ago] and most art was created 10 or 12 years ago actually.

The part is, sadly often MY fantasma gorical view of real things.
In other words, it is art. It is creation so mostly fiction, but not all.

The photos are 100 % MINE and well I did that and enjoyed it or I wouldn't have shared.

Now, last, the stories? Well, I have an intro to Aqua Fans and that says it all about the early life journals / stories. They aren't finished and I don't know if they ever will be as I don't think there is much interest in them. But they are just a telling of a life. A little distortion as I wanted them to be fun, but mostly what you see, is what  got.

Now the poems, inspired by events in my life.
The Sci-fi_ come on now, just a story.

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